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Training services

An all in one offering to manage, execute and measure training within the pharmacy industry.

MeasureMe is a training management system that offers clients a solution to close the gaps with respect to training in the pharmaceutical industry.

By using Accelerated Learning techniques as designed by world renowned Grandmaster Kevin Horsley, the concerns around retention and recall are addressed.
The effectiveness of training material designed, the gaps in terms of knowledge transfer and the challenge in sourcing reliable data to better measure return on marketing and training budgets, as well as rep can all be tracked and reported using Assesspoint, an Intervate delivered IT solution.

AssessPoint is an interactive benchmarking tool designed to optimize your existing Knowledge Development Program by helping your organization identify and track the challenges and opportunities through targeted assessments, reports and analysis. The flexibility of the platform allows for the delivery of a wide range of public and private surveys and assessments for academic, technical and behavioral analysis.

Benefits of MeasureMe

  1. No hassles training management solution
  2. Combination of in store and online training
  3. Easy to use system (intuitive)
  4. Non-intrusive training evaluation, with benefits to trainees including:
    • Completion of your training program, to drive rewards and awards
    • Certificates
    • CPD points
    • NQF rating at a later stage (National Qualifications Framework)

The Flow of Information

MeasureMe Flow of Information

Accelerated Learning and the fit for MeasureMe

MeasureME aims to address a gap in the pharmacy industry in terms of retention and recall.

Measuring training effectiveness is critical to enable better investment decisions. The issue in training, however, is that pharmacist, pharmacy assistants, reps and other involved in the training space are inundated with information.
Retention of the information is just as important as measurement.

Through Accelerated Learning Techniques, respondents will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how you recall and how to retain information
  • Learn to remember names with ease
  • Remember sales and product knowledge
  • Install twenty powerful closing techniques that you will have at your fingertips
  • Learn and remember the seven key questions that every client asks before you make a sale
  • Remember your presentation with ease

Grandmaster Kevin Horsley

Kevin's most requested presentation is: "Memory Mastery for the Sales Professional".

You will remember to learn names, sales and product information key sales questions and presentations with ease.

Memory creates certainty, certainty creates confidence and confidence create sales.

Spitzerís Experiment: Rate of forgetting textbook material
Time from first learning Percentage of material remembered Money lost from every "Training Rand"
After 1 day 54% 46c
After 7 day 35% 65c
After 14 day 21% 79c
After 21 day 19% 81c
After 28 day 18% 82c

South African Pharmacy Industry Training Insights

"Training benefits the business as a whole"
- Pharmacist

"Training helps me to know my products better"
- Front Shop Assistant

"It's confusing because there is so much training going on"
- Vitamin Category Assistant

"Certification for staff and CPD points would help drive training"
- Store Manager

"It's a good way for me to engage with the pharmacy staff"
- Rep

Accelerated Learning

MeasureMe Accelerated Learning